Meet Our New Aarja Ambassador

Welcome to the Team, Tuukka!

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 ⓒ Juha Käenmäki

Tuukka Kiviranta from Seinäjoki, Finland is Aarja's new brand ambassador. Get to know him here!

Tuukka plays Finnish floorball league in Aarja’s hometown team, SPV. He is also an extremely skilled photographer and videographer. You can surely agree with that, if you take a look at the photos on this website - he has taken Aarja’s photos too. In Aarja he likes the simplicity – products are fast to use and easy to take along, and he also values the purity and safety of the supplements.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

 For him wellbeing means a holistic good feeling – to be able to move, work and have good mental resources. His motto for life is ’at one go’ – a great attitude for an athlete and a photographer, right? Others know Tuukka as a friendly and energetic guy who gets along with anyone. He jumps into every project with a great ”let’s do it” attitude. Tuukka loves meeting friends and doing outdoor activities with his wife and dogs. He is always open for new adventures, and he wants to travel and learn from life as much as he can.

You’ll be hearing from this guy soon – follow him in FB & IG: 


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