Seasonal Changes - Spring & Tiredness

Spring is usually energizing but not for all - here is a few tips to fight fatigue.

Spring is here and sun is shining. Brightness and sun light are giving energy to us and increasing serotonin levels also known as “the happiness hormone” in our bodies. You can see people going out, enjoying the sun and having smiles on their faces. It feels like spring is bringing us to life again, and in a way it is. 

And it is not a myth that spring is making people more attracted to each other.  It is more common to have a little crush on someone during spring time. When there is more sun light, hormones or more precisely brain’s neurotransmitters like serotonin make us more energized and cheer up our moods. It is also one reason why we are more social and interested in each other. 


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Light - it is proved that people have more positive mind during sunnier days. Also, in Northern countries it is commonly known that a lack of light affects the mood and energy levels. People living in Nordic countries are usually familiar with seasonal tiredness symptoms, as difference in light between winter and spring time is huge. But the light is not always energizing, and some of us may feel fatigue caused by the increase of the sun light. There is no studies about how common spring fatigue is, but it is physiologically proven to be real. 


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At the spring time, our hormone activity is fishtailing because of the light. Our melatonin levels are reducing, which cause difficulties to fall and stay asleep.  Bright evenings are not making it easier at all, we simply don’t sleep enough, which is one reasons for tiredness. Fatigue and tiredness during spring time are not usually serious but they may affect our capabilities and vitality negatively anyway. Also, changes in hormone activities could also cause symptoms of depression. However, it usually takes a few weeks for a body to adjust to the light and pass the spring tiredness. If it won’t pass and you are still feeling down, here is a few tips how to fight against it:

  • Go outdoors and do activities – it helps, even though it may feel difficult to motivate yourself.

  • Exercise to boost your metabolism – exercising is known to release endorphins, which cheer you up physically and mentally. 

  • Eat well – include in your diet more fruits and vegetables and good and healthy sources of fats, carbs and protein, and try to reduce sugar         consumption. Too much white sugar makes anyone tired.

  • Drink & rest – fluids and sleep are important for metabolism, especially now as hormone balances are shifting. 

  • Nutrients – Specifically vitamin C is known to be helpful to fight fatigue, so include sources of it into your diet.

  • Also, commonly known nutrients, like magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids & vitamin B and D may help to boost good mood. 

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your loved ones and other important things in your life – and it is what you deserve! 

To Boost Your Mood:  

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