Meet Our New Aarja Ambassador

Welcome to the team Pepe!

Meet our new Spanish team member Pepe Lloret! He is a great lover of outdoor sports and long-distance cycling. You can meet this adventurous, outgoing and friendly guy cycling up in the hills of Alicante, where he is cycling around the year. In the winter season he loves snowboarding – so he definitely is not afraid of speed and highs! 

Spreading good energy

Pepe has an admirable positive attitude towards life!

The most important things to him are his family and friends. His goals are to grow as an entrepreneur and also to enjoy his time with loved ones. In sports his goals are in the long-distance cycling;

“In sports, my goal is to improve my performance in long distance cycling tests by stages. But the main thing for me is to share the journey and enjoy the experience with my friends.”

Odoo • A picture with a caption

Wellbeing is in a pivotal role in his active lifestyle. For Pepe it is important to feel good both physically and mentally. When everything is okay you don’t need to worry too much about life and things around you. 

His motto is ‘Enjoy your life’ – and it’s something we all should strive for, right?

Natural and pure sports supplements are hard to find and purity is one of the main reasons why Pepe loves Aarja;

“Throughout my sports career I have used different products to help me to get better performance and get help to take care of my body, but I’ve often got stomach problems after using them.  When I switched to Aarja’s products I felt great and I haven’t had stomach problem anymore, which is why I’ve decided to stick with Aarja to get the best out of my sports performance. “


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