Bilberries - The Nordic superfood


Berry season is here!

Nordic bilberries are packed with nutrients and finally it's the time of the year, when these super berries are starting to ripen. 

We love these berries because they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Bilberries and other Nordic berries grow and survive in the harsh and cold weather, and that’s why they contain so much nutrients. Nordic berries like bilberry, lingonberry and sea buckthorn have been used for centuries as a folk medicine in the Nordic countries and they are said to have plenty of health benefits. 


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It’s given that bilberries (and also other Nordic berries) taste good & fresh but they also have many health benefits – here’s few more reasons why to add these blue tiny super berries into your diet:

  • Bilberries contain plenty of vitamins like vitamin C, E and B.

  • They are packed with antioxidants. Number of antioxidants in bilberries is much higher than in normal blueberries, fruits and vegetables. 

  • They contain healthful polyphenols, which benefit your health in multiple ways.

  • Anthocyanins are the most potent polyphenols in bilberries.

  • Bilberries are also a great source of fiber!

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It’s studied that bilberries may reduce inflammation, which contribute to health risks and diseases. Bilberries are also kept helpful for better memory and vision. They are also said to help to reduce blood pressure and they contribute to your digestion due their high fiber content.


So it's time to roll up your sleeves and get bilberry-blue! 


In Aarja we are inspired by the nature’s inherent goodness. We have added these super berries into our products to give natural boost for your health & give a great and fresh taste - straight from the Nordic nature. See our Nordic superheroes with bilberry: